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Systems Biology publications (2002 - 2017)

38. Krishnan R, AS Nair, Pawan K Dhar. Computational study of HUB microRNA in human cardiac diseases.
     Bioinformation 2017: 13, 17-20.

37. Kopal Joshi, Sukriti Goyal, Sonam Grover, Salma Jamal, Aditi Singh, Pawan Dhar and Abhinav Grover
       Novel group-based QSAR and combinatorial design of CK-1δ inhibitors as neuroprotective agents.
       BMC Bioinformatics 2016 (accepted)

36.  Dhar PK. Converting Life into numbers. IJCB 0007:98-99, 2012
35.  Namboodiri S, A Giuliani, PK Dhar (2012): Looking for a sequence based allostery definition: a statistical
      journey at different resolution scales. J. Theor. Biol 304:211-8  

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33.  Dhar PK: Virtual cell: computing human skin. Nature India, Mar 2012

32.  Dhar PK. Virtual Cell: Making a virtual human liver. Nature India, Feb 2012

31.  Dhar PK. Virtual Cell: Making a virtual heart. Nature India, Jan 2012

30.  Dhar PK. Virtual cell: Making tiny life forms. Nature India, Dec. 2011

29.  Dhar PK. Virtual Cell: How to make one. Nature India, Nov 2011

28.  Dhar PK. Virtual Cell. Nature India, Oct. 2011

27.  Aswathi BL,  AS Nair, A Sivasankaran, PK Dhar (2011): Identification of hub proteins from sequence.
        Bioinformation 7,163-8 
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24.  Dhar PK (2011): Finding new laws in biology. Nature India, Mar 2011 
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      India. Sys. Synth. Biol. 4, 237-40.  
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       towards rational design . Sys. Synth. Biol 2010: 4(4):271-80   
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      Comparisons. BMC Bioinformatics 7, 24  

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      Features For Parallel Molecular Network Modeling. IEEE Transactions in NanoBioscience 2005: 4, 141-148   

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      Simulating cellular processes. Bioinformatics 21, 1284-7  

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       Kluwer Academic Publishers & Landes Biosciences. USA. 

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08.  Zhu H, Peter Pang, Yan Sun and Pawan Dhar (2004): Asynchronous Adaptive Time Step In Quantitative
      Cellular Automata Modeling. BMC Bioinformatics 5, 1-7  

07.  Dhar P (2004): Application of grid technology in systems biology: parameter estimation. IEEE
      Proceedings, BioGrid, Japan

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      Scientist” magazine, July 05, 2004  

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01.  Hashimoto K, Sae Seno, Pawan Dhar, M.Tomita (2002):  Integrative modeling of gene expression and
       metabolismin a cell. Artificial Life and Robotics 6: 99-107.

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