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Clear Meat is the first lab grown meat Company in India. The mandate of the company is to provide slaughter free meat that is safe, nutritious and affordable. Recently Clear Meat has developed an alternative to Fetal Bovine Serum and designed ClearX9 as a general purpose medium for growing animal cells based on naturally available resources.

1. Gautam S et al (2023). ClearX9™: an efficient alternative to fetal bovine serum for growing animal cells in vitro. BioRXiv doi:


Foresight Biotech is a biotech spin-off based on dark genome work (Dhar et al 2009).  The main goal of the company is to use the general purpose FLAGSHIP platform technology to design novel biotherapeutics, enzymes, transcription factors, signaling molecules and so on. FSB has designed and produced anti cancer, anti alzheimer, anti microbial molecules, based on in-vitro assays. Currently, we are testing novel enzymes and genome editing molecules in E.coli

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