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POEM - 1: Students

Rise and look around you
Take a deep breath in

You will see who you are
You are the Sun and Star

You are a Perfect Being
It's a matter of seeing

You are part of every shore
Worlds you never seen before

Close your eyes, lock your chin
Hear the gentle sound within

You will see rays of light
Brighter than the most bright

You will see the divine within
Giving you knowledge to the brim

Aim at the highest peak
With a smile on your cheek

With a deep faith in God
And with your parents nod

Study with a great passion
Rise higher than the mansion

POEM - 2: Mother


Mother O’ Mother I love you most
When I was born, you were my host        
When I fell down, you made me walk
When I stuttered, you made me talk
You taught me what’s wrong and right
When I was down you held me tight
You worked hard day and night
To make my life smooth and bright
Hiding your problems you suffered alone
God's listening to your heart’s ring-tone
I will work hard and fulfil your dreams
My emotions are bursting at their seams
I can never compare you to anyone
Becoz frankly you are the only one
Since God couldn’t be everywhere
He created Mother for human welfare
O my dear kids, hear me once more
Listen to your Mom, your life will roar!

Poem 4 - God's exon 

Nature made the body 

whose nature is decay


To make it look fresh 

we wash it everyday


Nature painted 

the universe


while singing

nothingness verse


A fireball lit the sky

for some life to stop by 


When the fireball is gone

life will no longer be ON


All will say goodbye

to the once beautiful sky


It will be dark n cold

with life fully on hold


In search of a new planet

all souls will cruise 


To build this 'soul pipette'

without any bruise


Is there a planet

that will host my soul


Given that on earth

I hardly had any role


Can we be reborn 

using God's Exon ?

Poem 5 - Thought debris

I asked my spirit

show me my goal          

asked the spirit      

is there a goal ?         

I said with fun     

There must be one         

Spirit gave a big smile

pen this down, save the file


Goal is an object     

BE that object         


And you'll know     

there was none         


The infinity of space and    

the infinity of process         


Stitched together     

to create you        


A recycled     

periodic table 


The zillion atom body     

that you boast          


Is mostly the space     

that you host         


Having space

at your core          


With arrogance     

you like to roar !


You search nothingness     

and call it knowledge !         


You talk infinite     

with mind in the finite


Please ping your mind

and be a little kind


Once you are done     

the fun has begun         


You will find yourself     

in the ocean of 'none'        


The mighty EG O will appear  

'For example zero'     


Increase the space

between your thoughts


Culture the silence

mind must be taught


The lesser you think

the more you're aware


The more you are aware

the more you'll laugh


The more you laugh

the more you increase


volume of energy 

per wave of thought


This is a request

not a decree         


As soon as possible

leave your thought debris !

POEM - 3: Silence

When silence destroys noise
Thoughts stop making alloys

Nature shows Her real poise 
Mind ceases to advise 

Matter appears as vibration
Energy busy in translation

Quantum reveals its strings and dots
Soul exists without pairing and knots
Dimensions are gained 
and then lost

Can nothingness 
really be embossed ?

We have made matter 
a huge mask

We built our cocoon
now whom to ask ?

Gliding in the space of none 
Earth's having lots of fun

Nature cooks up planets 
with immense force

And eats up black holes 
as Her main course

Why does nature bake up cosmos
leaving enough residue of karmic moss 

Don't know who's serving 
and who's the boss

My mighty intelligence 
just went for a toss

Expertise is mere noise
Silence is nature's advice

We've played too much dice
Time for silence to rise

Poem 6 - Farewell Body

The zillion atom body that we boast
is mostly the space that we host        

When the spirit bids us adieu
our skin will turn into blue

With all the options firmly closed
we will be trashed unopposed

Our body will surely decompose
in a sequence that nobody knows

We will slowly turn into food
finally to do 'somebody good'

All those people dear and near
will only see a cell smear

Let's collect our time residue
and enjoy before it's overdue

For nobody has a clue
that to keep soul within
body uses what kind of glue?

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