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ORCID: 0009-0005-1635-7690

Synthetic Biology publications


8.      Synthetic Biology and the Next Wave of Science Diplomacy

         Science Diplomacy Review Vol 5(2), 2023 (Dhar & Srinivas)

7.      Synthetic biology and biodiversity
         Asian Biotech Dev. Review 2022: 24 (1), 81-88 (Sharma et al)

6.      Navigating the technology landscape in Synthetic Biology
         Asian Biotech Dev. Review 2021: 23 (3), 13-21 (Verma & Dhar)

5.      Regulating risks in synthetic biology
         Asian Biotech Dev. Review 2021: 23 (3)101-112 (Sathyarajan S et al)

4.      Running and managing shared resources for scientific research: A model from biofoundry.
         Asian Biotech Dev. Review 2021: 23 (accepted, Panda & Dhar)

3.      What is Synthetic Biology?
Asian Biotech Dev Review 2021: 23 93), 5-12 (Das & Dhar)

2.      Synthetic Biology and the responsible futures.
         BioVoice 2016: 2, 28-30 (Dhar PK et al)

1.      Exploring the Future of Synthetic Biology in India and its probable pathways from Infancy to Maturity.
         Curr Synthetic Sys Biol 2013, 1: 106 (Singh & Dhar)


22.       Computational prediction of potential vaccine candidates from tRNA-encoded peptides(tREP)
             using a bioinformatic workflow and molecular dynamics validations
. IEEE/ACM Transactions
             on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2024: Mar 1, 1-12 (Shanthappa et al)

21.        Repurposing The Dark Genome. II - Reverse Proteins          

              BioRXiv 2023 (Nayak & Dhar)

20.        Repurposing The Dark Genome. I - Antisense proteins             

             BioRXiv 2023 (Garg & Dhar)

19.         tREPs - a new class of functional t RNA encoded peptides
              ACS Omega 2022, 7, 22, 18361–18373 (Chakrabarti A et al)

18.        Building Biofoundry India: Challenges and Path Forward
             Synth. Biol (Oxf) 2021, 6(1):y`sab015 (Panda & Dhar)

17.       Exploring the potential of genome editing CRISPR-Cas9 technology
            Gene. 2017: 599, 1-18 (Singh V et al)

16.       Novel group-based QSAR and combinatorial design of CK-1δ inhibitors as neuroprotective agents
            BMC Bioinformatics. 2016: 17(Suppl 19):515 (Joshi K et al)

15.       Systems and Synthetic Biology 
            Springer, 2015, Singh & Dhar 
14.       Functional Annotation of Novel Peptides Generated from the non-expressing genome of D. melanogaster
            Bioinformation 2017: 13(1):17-20 (Varughese D et al)

13.       Making novel proteins from pseudogenes
            Bioinformatics. 2015: 31(1):33-9 (Shidhi PR et al)

12.       In silico study of peptide inhibitors against BACE
            Sys. Synth.Biol. J. 2015 9: 67-72 (Raj N et al)

11.      Computational identification of novel microRNAs and their targets in the malarial vector A. stephensi 
           Sys & Synth.Biol J 2015: 9: 11-7 (Krishnan R et al)

10.      Metabolic Engineering of Biosynthetic Pathway for Production of Renewable biofuels
           Appl Biochem Biotechnol 2014: 172, 1158-1171 (Singh V et al)

9.        Discovering Novel Anti-Malarial peptides from the Not-coding genome - A Working Hypothesis
           Curr Synth Sys Biol  2013, 1:1  (Joshi M et al)

8.        Synthetic biology and biomediated synthesis of organic chemicals 
           In the “Impact of scientific developments on the chemical weapons convention” IUPAC technical report.
           Smallwood K, Trapp R, Mathews R, Schmidt B, Sydnes LK, 2013, (Dhar PK)

7.       Will recombinant DNA technology become obsolete?
          Nature India, Dec 2012 (Dhar PK)

6.       Emerging trends in synthetic biology.
          In the “Trends in Science and Technology Relevant to the Biological & Toxin Weapons Convention”.
          US National Academies of Sciences. 2011, ISBN-13:978-0-309-20929-8, (Dhar PK)

5.        Synthetic Biology in India and Japan.
           In the “Synthetic Biology from Science to Governance” European Science Commission meeting, Brussels.
           2010 (Dhar PK).
The report described our work “potentially ground breaking”

4.        Hacking the genetic code.
           Nature India, Aug 2011 (Dhar PK)

3.        Making a genome.
           Nature India, April 2011 (Dhar PK)

2.        Building momentum for systems and synthetic biology in India.
           Sys Syn Biol. 2010: 4, 237-40. (Krishnan R et al)

1.        Synthesizing non-natural parts from natural genomic template
           J. Biol. Engg. 2009: 3, 2 (Dhar PK et al) 

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