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Synthetic Biology

Q1: What is Synthetic Biology?
Synthetic Biology is an engineering approach to construct and edit biological systems using precision tools and standards

Q2: Are synthetic biology and biological engineering different?


Both are same. Initially when the term Synthetic Biology was formally proposed in the first synthetic biology meeting at MIT (June 2004), there was a discussion on the need for a better expression.

Terms like 'constructive biology' and 'biological technology' were proposed. However, over time "biological engineering" received wide acceptance.

As it stands now, the use of synthetic biology / biological engineering is a matter of personal choice. Both indicate precision engineering of biological systems.


Q1: What is ISBN?
ISBN stands for Indian Synthetic Biology Network.

Q2: Is it a registered organization ?

No. ISBN is an open, free and a community driven initiative. There is NO membership fee.

Q3: Who are the members of ISBN ?

ISBN comprises of students, scientists and teachers from academia who voluntarily share their work with the community using a common digital platform.

Q4: Is ISBN material copyrighted ?

The copyright belongs to the ISBN member who has contributed that information. ISBN does NOT own anything, as it is not an organization.

Q5: Who is funding ISBN?

It is run by personal savings. Our intent to keep ISBN free from administrative complexities and focus ONLY on effective community outreach.

Q5: Does ISBN run training programs or organize events?

Not at the moment.

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